Take a tour of diverse soils of alexana winery

The Red Hills of Dundee

The Revana Vineyard is located just 28 miles southwest of Portland, nestled in the Red Hills of Dundee. This unique appellation is marked by distinct geographic elements that effectively insulate this region from the dramatic weather variations experienced in other nearby growing areas. The topography is defined by ridges that run north and south, with small valleys on the east, south and west sides. Because of the slopes and elevations, vineyards in the Dundee Hills benefit from warmer nights and less frost and fog than the adjacent valley floors. True to the appellation, our 80-acre property possesses an incredibly diverse and complex series of soils and exposures. Located between 360 and 640 feet above sea level, the site has eighteen soil types spread over a combination of rolling hills, steep slopes and rugged terrain.

The soils are primarily sedimentary silt and stone as well as volcanic stone with clay, and the bedrock beneath is predominantly sedimentary and basalt. In 2003 the previous property owner planted 13 acres of Pinot Noir and three acres of Pinot Gris. Over the next five years, Dr. Revana has continued to develop another 39 acres, including Riesling, Chardonnay and additional Pinot Noir. To take advantage of the property’s tremendous soil variations, 31 microblocks were established within the vineyard to pair ideal clonal and rootstock selections with individual soil types. Today, the L.I.V.E. Certified vineyard has grown to over 55 acres. Using sustainable farming methods, cover crops provide soil, nutrients, erosion control, and water competition.